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Dave Stewart, Eurythmics

“I particularly like how dedicated & talented Music Gateway members can be. As I found out, even the most obscure requests receive a brilliant response and it’s a great way to find new people to assist with your creative project.”


Jordan Booth, Ten Poets

“I can't say I thought I'd be remixing a South Korean pop star any time soon, which is one of the coolest things about Music Gateway. Anything could come up, and you could be the perfect person for a job you had never even thought of. It had been about 6 years before I had made any decent money from music, and maybe if I had found Music Gateway earlier on, it would have been less time.”


Jake Simms, Artist

“When I first joined the site I was still with management but I really wanted more opportunity. Any artist needs to realise that they can not rest on others to bring that all the time. If you really want it you have to go and get it. I saw MG as a lifeline as it was offering me the ability to pitch on projects and approach new contacts. My needs were met times ten!”



Michel Goudreau, Boppinbluesman (Bloodline - Netflix)

"Very happy that my original song "Never Been Good At Goodbyes" was chosen to be featured on the popular Netflix series "Bloodline" ! This song was only released a few months ago on my 18th album titled "Sweet Blues" , which we are promoting this summer at many Blues and Jazz Festival across Quebec, Canada. Thanks Music Gateway for making this happen ! "


Jaime Silano, Music Services Coordinator @VICE

“We are delighted to have found exactly what music we needed for our HBO/VICE documentary through Music Gateway. Consistently high quality music presented for our shows.”


Tyler Shamy - Artist & Songwriter (Honey 4 - Universal Pictures)

"I was delighted to land a sync on "Honey 4" with my track "Work You Out". Gaining access to sync briefs myself can be time consuming and costly, however being represented for sync through Music Gateway makes it so much easier and expands my opportunities massively."

Artist Song Cuts


Dani Senior, Songwriter

"My relationship with Music Gateway has proved to be really fruitful. We've secured some strong song placements, including a co-write with Dimitri Tikovoi called 'TGIF' for Emperor Entertainment's major act ‘Twins’. I look forward to working on more projects together!"


Da Beat Freakz, Producers & Writers

“We really love Music Gateway and the service they gave us. We love the fast and easy process, plus they always had our best interest at heart.”


Claire Rodrigues Lee, Songwriter @ Notting Hill Music Publishing

“As a published songwriter signed to Notting Hill, Music Gateway was another avenue to get my music to clients that my publishers may not have had access to or known. Some people don't have the privilege of being signed, so using a platform like Music Gateway could open doors for many unsigned writers. By using Music Gateway myself, I obtained a cut with top CPop male artist Hins Cheung.”

File Storage System


Kevin Reynolds, KRMB Management

“Having all my files in one place is massively useful. It’s tiring using multiple systems for my files and this saves me a ton of time.”


Dave Stewart

“When you have a large catalogue one of the challenges can be to store it and access it easily. Having my catalogue at my fingertips along with the option to globally update my metadata as well is truly great.”


John Saunderson, Head of A&R, Notting Hill Music Publishing

“I have tons of tracks to deliver to clients all the time. Having a wealth of writers at Notting Hill Music results in a lot of great music to store & send off. When pitching tracks to clients I can access everything instantly and from anywhere with Music Gateway’s system. I’m always out and about so this is very helpful and I need access to my writers tracks and files at every hour!”

Private Network


Dave Lambert, A&R Consultant Island Records UK

"Tracking the process of these projects and the individual processes are essential, and managing my network as a whole is top priority. With Music Gateway I have my own closed network that I control, so I can make this happen in a much more effective way, saving myself heaps of time."


Gary Gross - Worldwide President of UPM

“Centralizing the way our music is curated and managed along the production process brings us significant organizational efficiency. It also allows us to share our global pool of composers across the creative territories and redirect valuable resource back to serving our clients. Through the use of Music Gateway’s solution there is a clearer communication and a greater collaboration across the management teams.”


Daniel Jackson, CEO of Cord WW

“I have seen every innovation in the supervision business over the last 10 years and MG is the standout. No other platform offers the range and depth of function. No other tech has the same potential to change how our business works; by making things easier, removing frictions and increasing connections between creators, owners and users of music.”

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