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Managing the wealth of exceptional briefs that come through from our sub publishers isn't an easy task. With a dedicated network like this, the stress and frustration is not an issue any more. I've been waiting for a professional A&R system like this for years, I'm so glad it's now a reality - and more to the point, I've got one.

John Saunderson, Head of A&R - Notting Hill Music Publishing, UK

Tracking the progress of these projects and the individual processes are essential, and managing my network as a whole is top priority. With Music Gateway I have my own closed network that I control, so I can make this happen in a much more effective way, saving myself heaps of time.

Dave Lambert, A&R Consultant - Island Records UK

I am impressed. Their development over such a short space of time supports the fact that this is a great platform with plenty of potential to grow.

Paul Brindley, CEO - Music Ally

The unique tool for adding timeline feedback to audio and video is awesome, I'm super impressed with what they have created. Not to mention, with their open marketplace, we're also able to find remixers, session musicians and of course track down new emerging talent. I can't wait to see what's next!

Eric McLellan, Director, A&R - Sire Records USA

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What is Music Gateway?

Music Gateway is an online marketplace connecting the creative world and music professionals. Our unique and rather snazzy looking online platform allows users to create & pitch on projects that match their exact needs. So unlike social networks, where users make connections with their cousin's best friend's, dog walker's boyfriend who “was in a band once”, Music Gateway only enables users to connect via projects. It's simple - we provide the platform and you provide the projects. Get cracking!