Music Gateway

Music Gateway is a B2B platform, specifically designed to allow creative and music industry professionals to connect and work together in a global capacity.

Developed by industry professionals from all sectors, we help break down barriers that hinder career development by empowering individuals and companies alike.

Our unique software helps streamline the way people connect and progress whether this is through hiring music professionals, collaborating or using it as an A&R vehicle to find new talent.

Meet The Team

Our Mission

We aim to empower music industry professionals and help further their careers. Our platform is an environment in which talented musicians and companies thrive, creating a level playing-field for those that can provide what others need and vice versa. We will change the backbone of the industry for the better with equal opportunities and ground breaking features.

The Music Gateway Story

The Music Gateway concept was founded from the mind of Jon Skinner in 2009. Like all great ideas, this one was derived as he was taking a bath, which led to a business plan being written up that very night. With the help of the infamous genius Nick Barham, the online marketplace was launched in 2013 with the sole purpose of connecting people from every corner of the music industry across the globe on one centralised platform.

Since being introduced to the public, the platform has grown massively with some major features that are rapidly making Music Gateway the only way to manage your industry projects and connections. Our dedicated team of professionals, most of which have been with Music Gateway since birth, work tirelessly around the clock to make the platform what it is today and what it will become tomorrow.

The Private Network

The Private Network was launched in January 2015 and is the world’s first dedicated project management tool for music and creative professionals. Integrated into the Music Gateway platform, the Private Network allows record labels, publishers, music supervisors and other creatives to manage their network of artists, composers and or trusted sources.

The project management system, combines the ability to assign network users to projects, share files and communicate with ease in private and secure Workspace areas online. Ultimately, the solution centralises the way projects are managing saving time across the board and increases team transparency.

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