The People Behind the Platform

One of the greatest things about the music industry are the people who are in it. At Music Gateway, we pride ourselves in ensuring we have a team that are passionate, proactive and positive to reflect our favourite influences from the Music Business and make sure we’ve got a working environment that everyone loves.

Jon Skinner

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Working his way through a variety of roles in the industry over 30 years, it was his own experiences in finding it hard to connect to the right people both creatively and in business that led Jon to founding Music Gateway. The concept and service continues to develop and his vision makes it what it is today. From producing, writing, owning several independent labels, a publishing company and developing software for his companies, Jon’s talents know no boundaries. Jon has spoken as part of many seminars including Midem, NAB, Sync Summit, Collision and Canadian Music Week.

Aside from all things Music Gateway, Jon has a love for football and a devotion to Arsenal, having been a supporter all his life. He is a dab hand at 8ball pool and plays for Surrey at county level alongside a couple of local pub teams, all very British!

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Private Network Team

Laurence Malpass

Head of Network

Laurence is our office "hippy" and when he’s not saving the planet and making the world a better place to live in he’s advising music professionals. Laurence has gained a strong understanding of the industry whilst travelling around the globe and working across various sectors. This gives him a unique insight and comprehensive knowledge of different companies in the industry, and makes him the perfect man to refine and customise our software to facilitate management of creative work, file storage, and many other time saving applications.

As well as this, Laurence’s industry experience also comes from his ongoing producer/artist career as Still. With a couple of successful EPs on his hands as well as writing with and remixing some big name artists, particularly over in the US, it’s safe to say he has a well-rounded understanding of the industry.

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Emma Francis

Network Manager

[Crash!] «Ow» is usually how we notice Emma’s presence in the office each morning. A clumsy blessing in disguise, Emma came in as a vocalist looking to expand her knowledge of the music industry in its entirety and discovered an innate skill for all things business. Now she’s the glue that holds the Private Network team together and the key communicator between our clients and their network users, ensuring they’re getting the best out of their bespoke management software.

If you’re working with Emma, you’re in more than capable hands as she works tirelessly to make sure everyone gets the right results.

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Marketplace Team

Sophie Small

Head of Operations

With a bit of luck and a lot of pestering, Sophie started her industry career touring the UK with chart-topping artists whilst studying Business Management at university before moving across from tours to festivals, both in-office and on-site. Since then she’s ventured further into new aspects of the music industry and now heads up all things operational and strategic here at Music Gateway.

If Sophie’s not in the office boosting team morale with her positive mental attitude, you’ll find our token northerner avoiding traffic at all costs or on the rare occasion she isn't injured from playing rugby, she’ll actually be playing rugby.

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Lucas Iliev

Sync & Licensing Manager

Lucas wasn't actually born... he was downloaded from 9gag as a child. A self-confessed “geek”, he has developed into the role of Sync & Licensing Manager where he looks after all our Sync and Song Placement opportunities with third party clients and partners.

If you manage to get through a conversation without him mentioning his half Bulgarian-half Argentian heritage, you probably haven’t actually had a conversation with Lucas.

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Jonathan Bond

Brand Partnerships Manager

Jonathan was one of the first people to join Jon at the Music Gateway office and you will regularly hear him reminiscing about the old days and how the new kids on the block ‘don’t know how good they’ve got it’. He’s adapted into many roles during the growth of the company and now specialises in unique partnerships and strengthening our brand message of the importance of every industry sector and creating a level playing field.

Not only does he have intricate knowledge of Music Gateway and the industry but Jonathan also has mad skillz on the ol’ geetar. Never ask him for his views on streaming… he just might give them to you.

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Kevin Reynolds

A&R Consultant

As we delved further and further into the concierge world we decided we needed someone with the drive, confidence and contacts to go out and provide further opportunities for our community. It didn’t take long for us to find the perfect candidate in Kevin Reynolds, straight up guy with a hella lot of industry experience, he works incessantly to get the best briefs for our members and absolutely loves the quality of music he receives through the platform for his clients.

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Christo Patricios

A&R Project Manager

Christo joined us to get some gain further industry experience whilst he was studying production. Not one to hold back, it became apparent that he had a wicked combination of attentive and perfectionist ears as well as being a naturally great networker.

Christo now works with Lucas, where one of his biggest roles is keeping Lucas grounded but when he’s not doing that he’s managing our catalogue and creating playlists for final approval for clients. He’s also represented us at a number of conferences including the likes of Midem and All That Matters, acquiring briefs and expanding our catalogue with great success.

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Holly St George

Marketing Manager

Originally from the big smoke, Holly’s moved down to the suburbs to join us on the quest for creating a level playing field and providing the best opportunities in the music industry, with most of her previous experience predominantly in film and sound engineering.

It is quality control and digital marketing where her skills have excelled, raising our brand, social media presence and the rest. Holly is also a phenomenal maker of tea, which makes her pretty popular in the office.

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Jayne Herbert

Office Manager

While the rest of the team are running around challenging the way the music industry works and what we can do to improve it, Jayne keeps the company in order.

Accounts, data, paperwork, customer support, you name it, she does it and all the while manages to raise two beautiful children. This attitude is carried further than outside office doors where you’ll regularly see Jayne participating in selfless acts of kindness for those less fortunate. A keen photographer, you’ll also find Jayne on the sidelines of her sons football games documenting his bubbling career as a star defender.

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Tech Team

Nik Barham

Chief Technology Officer

Nik’s role is simply all things development, which isn’t simple at all. He does it all, from the beginning concept, overseeing all aspects of the dev implementation to putting it live for the world to enjoy. Without sounding smug, Nik’s ability rivals that of a Jedi Master.

Having worked closely with Jon before Music Gateway and in turn from the company’s beginnings, Nik relishes any form of challenge set out by Jon and the rest of the team’s vision, creating wonderfully complex code and making it seem like a walk in the park. The Music Gateway platform and the Private Network are truly an ‘under the hood’ masterclass in development where Nik excels.

Nik is an avid roleplayer from online to board games, he loves his fantasy and is a bookworm to boot. We all love Nik, he is awesome!

Michael Aldridge

Lead Developer

Michael also known as ‘The GIF King’ is one of the most sarcastic people to have arrived at the Music Gateway offices. This is something we have noticed is a common trait within people who join the tech office and it’s something Michael takes within his stride.

It’s rumoured that Michael may possibly be a vampire (or some other mythical creature who doesn’t sleep) as despite several attempts, no one is yet to beat him into the office in the morning. Whether our lives are in danger or not, his developing skills are more than welcome.

Chris Birch

Web Developer

Chris is our loveable rogue developer who can share a story or two about his outer work passion for winter excursions and his classic car history. If you get caught around lunchtime, you may also find out about his self confessed pyromaniac years during his feral youth (joking of course he just likes making campfires). He dabbles in the art of campfire building and burning marshmallows, strange but true. Chris loves his code, of course, but outside of the keyboard tapping malarky, he also loves classic cars, boasting the previous ownership of a 1963 Austin A40 and a beautiful red Triumph Herald from 1966. So we are told, life pretty much ended when his kids came along, so that should sum up his sense of humour perfectly.

Andrea Sabato

Front-End Developer

We’re 98% sure Andrea’s from another planet, possibly universe but then that’s what they say about all the great creatives! Hailing from la bella Italia, Andrea was first attracted to the big city of London but we’ve convinced him that the countrysides not so bad and now he’s here to make all things pretty. Javascript, Photoshop, Illustrator, UX, UI, U name it, he does it and he’ll do it whilst listening to music on his headphones, so exceptionally loud that he may as well not be wearing headphones.

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