Meet The Team



CEO & Founder

Having lived the life as an indie producer / label during the 90's, it was Jon's own experiences in finding it hard to connect to the right people both creatively and in business that led Jon to founding Music Gateway. The concept and service continues to develop and his vision makes it what it is today. His never ending light bulb moments shared with the team ensure that we have a mightily impressive development schedule for the tech team to deliver.

Jon’s been involved in the music business for nearly 30 years, Jon started out as a house DJ in the late 80’s, which quickly progressed to setting up his own record shop in 1991. He’s also previously licensed music to EMI, Sony & MCA and had placements within games. To producing, writing, owning several independent labels, a publishing company and developing software for his companies, Jon’s talents know no boundaries.

Jon has spoken as part of many seminars and panels including Midem, NAB, Sync Summit, Collision and Canadian Music Week. He is also a regular guest lecturer at universities across the UK. His knowledge and insight into topics such as online collaboration, sync and the progression of the music industry in assisting industry professionals in their careers has been invaluable.

Aside from all things Music Gateway, Jon has a love for football and a devotion to Arsenal, having been a supporter all his life. He is a dab hand at 8ball pool and plays for Surrey at county level alongside a couple of local pub teams, all very British!

If you’d like to get in touch with Jon, get in touch today, please contact Sophie.

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Head of Development

Nick’s role is simply all things development, which isn’t simple at all. He does it all, from the beginning concept, overseeing all aspects of the dev implementation to putting it live for the world to enjoy. Without sounding smug, Nick’s ability rivals that of a Jedi Master.

Having worked closely with Jon before Music Gateway and in turn from the company’s beginnings, Nick relishes any form of challenge set out by Jon and the rest of the team’s vision, creating wonderfully complex code and making it seem like a walk in the park. The Music Gateway platform and the Private Network are truly an ‘under the hood’ masterclass in development where Nick excels.

Nick is an avid role-player from online to board games, he loves his fantasy and is a bookworm to boot. We all love Nick, he is awesome!



Private Network Manager

Laurence is our office ‘hippy’ and when he’s not saving the planet and making the world a better place to live in he’s advising music professionals. He’s been at the company since way before the Private Network launch and is an expert in identifying the needs of any company across the sectors and creating a custom Private Network that matches their obligations to facilitate their management of creative projects, saving time & resource, all from on centralised management space.

He's travelled across the globe to many conferences including the Guild of Music Supervisors expo, London Sync Sessions, All That Matters, Midem and more which has allowed him to gain a unique insight and understanding of companies in the industry. As well as this, Laurence’s industry experience also comes from his ongoing producer artist career as 8till. With a couple of successful EPs on his hands as well as writing and mixing with some big name artists, particularly over in the US, it’s safe to say he’s got a well-rounded understanding of the industry.

Get in touch with Laurence to learn more about Private Networks and how he can customise the software to cater for your needs, or just if you fancy a friendly chat about music business.

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Sync Project Manager

Lucas wasn't actually born... he was downloaded from 9gag as a child. A self-confessed “geek”, Lucas originally joined Music Gateway as a Marketing Assistant in 2014 following his BA Hons Degree in Music Business. Since then he has developed into the role of Sync Project Manager where he looks after our Sync and Song Placement opportunities from third party clients and partners.

As has everyone in our team, Lucas has taken on a few other responsibilities including Partner Relations and Advertising. When he isn’t doing all things Music Gateway, Lucas likes to spend his time doing a number of “geeky” activities including Video Games, LARPing, Board Games and a particular office favourite ‘Magic: The Gathering’.

If you manage to get through a conversation without him mentioning his half Bulgarian-half Argentian heritage, you probably haven’t actually had a conversation with Lucas.

Get in touch with Lucas if you want to enquire about our Project Concierge service.

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Project A&R Manager

Jonathan was one of the first people to join Jon at the Music Gateway office and you will regularly hear him reminiscing about the old days and how the new kids on the block ‘don’t know how good they’ve got it’. Since coming over to Music Gateway following his Music Business degree, Jonathan has adapted into many roles during the growth of the company and the introduction of new features and ideas as we expand; it’s safe to say he’s an MG expert. Currently Project A&R Manager for our third party clients as well as supervising and implementing the majority of our internal campaigns. His aim is to constantly improve the inner site, allowing consumers the easiest experience possible with our service and making it a go-to place for industry professionals.

Not only does he have intricate knowledge of Music Gateway and the industry but Jonathan also has mad skillz on the ol’ geetar. From being involved in a number of bands and featuring on a number of producer tracks he has always had a keen involvement in creating music. You can find him at gigs looking for the next big thing and constantly searching for new music (although don’t ask him for his views on streaming… he just might give them to you).



Marketing Manager

With a bit of luck and a lot of pestering, Sophie started her industry career touring the UK with chart-topping artists whilst studying Business Management at university before moving across to the festival industry where she worked at a number of UK festivals, both in-office and on-site. Sophie has since ventured further into new aspects of the music industry to head up all things Marketing here at Music Gateway (along with keeping "the MG boys" on fleek).

If Sophie’s not in the office boosting team morale with her PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) talk, you’ll find our token northerner avoiding traffic at all costs or on the rare occasion she isn't injured from playing rugby, she’ll actually be playing rugby.

If you have any general company or press enquiries including partnerships, sponsorships and cross-promotion opportunities, Soph’s your gal.

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Marketing and A&R Assistant

Trudy has well and truly found her place in the office. Brought in to aid with Project Concierge, Sync Briefs and Marketing Content, she’s absolutely smashed it. Trudy now runs our Blog and Newsletters as well as A&Ring like there’s no tomorrow.

Having graduated with a degree in Music Industry Management and setting up her own Record Label ‘Round Table Records’ as a sub-label to her university's main label. From there she’s managed artists, set up gigs and now is over at Music Gateway sharing her knowledge and helping out the team.

During her spare time, it’s not unknown for Trudy to be jet-setting around the world to explore and educate herself or in the safety of her home spending time with her family whilst also embarking on her career as a vocalist. She’s even posted some projects on Music Gateway to help her out, another reason why Trudy’s just so great.



Digital Designer

Carl has come into the company as a knight in shining armour with an aim to save the day with all things design. He’s been producing and designing for over 10 years and luckily for us he’s got pretty good at it. With a wealth of successful clientele in his production career, Carl joined Music Gateway to focus more on design and hone in on the tricks of the coding trade under Nick’s Jedi Master guidance.

When Carl’s not working, you’ll probably find him… well... working, but on the off chance he isn’t then he’s making sarcastic comments, go karting, playing in bands and generally enjoying his well earned time off. Before settling down into the Music Gateway office, his freelance days saw both his bands with big success and playing alongside the likes of Marilyn Manson and Mallory Knox.

Whilst you’re keeping yourself up to date with everything that’s going on with the site, remember to hail Carl for all things aesthetically pleasing.



General Admin & Office Manager

While the rest of the team are running around challenging the way the music industry works and what we can do to improve it, Jayne keeps the company in order and a damn good job she does too.

Accounts, data, paperwork, customer support, you name it, she’ll do it and all the while manages to raise two beautiful children. This attitude is carried further than outside office doors where you’ll regularly see Jayne participating in selfless acts of kindness for those less fortunate. A keen photographer, you’ll also find Jayne on the sidelines of her sons football games documenting his bubbling career as a star defender.

If you have any general enquiries about the platform or Music Gateway, get in touch with Jayne.

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