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Marie Chain Connects with World-Renowned Producer Through Music Gateway

11 August 2016 ยท By Trudy Kirabo - Music Gateway

Recently we were happy to catch up with Soul songstress Marie Chain who is an active member of the site. Despite travelling around the world to find inspiration for her music, Chain is also devoted to establishing her sound and her new release set for this year. We were able to discuss with her how she got linked to a world-renowned producer through the platform, her latest project and ways artists are able to effectively grow in their skill without losing the artistic passion.

#1 Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I´m a singer, piano player and composer based in Berlin. At the age of 5 I started to study classical piano and age 12 I started singing. So I have been doing music kinda all my life. I grew up listening to American Soul, Blues and Jazz artists from the  50s/ 60s, they were my biggest inspiration. After school, I travelled around Europe and North Africa. I lived in Barcelona/Spain for 3 years performing and doing street music .When I decided to become a professional musician (with everything that belongs to it nowadays) I moved to Berlin. For me it's always been the gate to the world, it’s so creative, colour and powerful and full of artists and inspiration.

Here I got in touch with the house music scene and released a few singles collaborating with DJ´s, which went to the Deep House Charts. The last song "Loverboy"got released on Warner Music.

In parallel to the house music, I was performing all over Europe with my Soul band.  Always on the road, I quickly spent most of my time writing songs and telling the stories about life and love. I want to make people think and be captivated, enchain them with the music as well as bring people a good time in the live shows.

England and especially London has always been a special place for me full of amazing soul music, just the right place to produce my debut Soul/Funk/Blues EP.  “Music Gateway” has virtually opened the gate to this professional scene where I was able to get in touch with the producer Charles "Chicky" Reeves, who has already worked with artists like Ray CharlesJames BrownPrince and The Rolling Stones

#2 How’re you enjoying the Music Gateway platform, what benefits have you noticed so far?

Music Gateway is a great platform for connecting easily with professionals all around the world. I would have never met Charles without Music Gateway. He produced my 5 song - record the way I imagined and I was very satisfied. Music Gateway featured my project and made it visible for all their clients. This way a lot of producers could see my project announcement and contacted me. Difficult to decide on one, cause they were all professional and had great reference tracks on their pages.I feel really well supported in the jungle of the music business from the idea to the final product.

#3 I love that you’re a soul singer, piano player and composer. With all these creative tools under your belt, what advice would you give to other artists to be able to effectively grow in their skill without losing the artistic passion?

Find or never loose the connection to your own soul, that's where our passion and energy of life comes from. No matter how professional you are, know who you are and why you are here. It´s not about being the best and singing the highest note, it's about being connected, about honesty, naturalness and passion. Stay true to yourself, it will pay off. It´s important to fall down as it all plays a part in being able to grow. Travelling is very inspiring too, studying all the time and being open to new inspirations and ideas helps keep you  moving. I walk my very own way and don't listen too much to what people say or expect.I have my goal and mission which gives me strength and sense of life. But the path is the goal.

#4 How did your most recent Music Gateway project go, did you achieve your goal?

Yes! I searched for a producer who could create a broadcast suitable modern-vintage soul sound. And I think we did a good job :) With my band, I went to London to Charles studio and we had a great productive time. Now the songs are in the final mixing and ready in the next 2 weeks.

Take a look at the making of Marie Chain's  and the bands EP below:

 #5 Are any of the results of this project being released any time soon for people to check out?

Right now I'm looking for a label cause I´m not signed yet. I financed my most recent project all by myself without any label to keep my musical freedom. My goal is to release the EP in the beginning of September.


#6 What are the main advantages for you with running projects through the platform as opposed to working with existing connections?

I could grow musically and expand my network. I count on my existing connections but with Music Gateway I can dive even deeper into the music scene. What I love about social networks is that you’re able to connect easily with people all around the world.

#7 What advice would you give to other members looking to utilise the site to aid their career and staying pro-active on the site?  

Always update your reference files on your profile. Use the professional network Music Gateway opens up to you. This way you can get in touch with professionals and for a long-term musical relationship.

Connect with Marie Chain and other talented singers and professional producers on the site by clicking here. Already a member? Keep up with the daily opportunities we have coming in here.


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