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Things Aren't Looking Good For Our Boys At Spotify...

12 July 2017 ยท By Will Thomson

Following on from my last blog looking at the struggles of the world’s best loved streaming platform; things seem to have gone from bad to worse for Daniel Ek and his team…

Accusations are circling that the platform is creating ‘fake artists’ on their curated playlists.  An industry publication claimed that 50 artists featured on the ‘Ambient/Chill’ and ‘Sleep’ playlists were in fact not real.

They appear on the playlists but have no other presence anywhere else on the platform.

Spotify obviously outright denies these claims saying they are ‘Categorically untrue'.

                                      As streaming Giants Battle it Out, Who will be Victorious?’


Whilst industry experts say that Spotify are not actually committing a crime if they are commissioning library music, others have noticed that some of the alleged fake artists have an incredibly low profile as they do have presences on other platforms such as YouTube and Last FM. They do not however, have any online presence in their own right. They have no official website, Facebook or Twitter.

MBW stated that ‘A&R teams across the globe would surely be interested in unsigned artists who have racked up millions of Spotify plays with their first few tracks’ which doesn’t help clear Spotify’s name..

Could this be a ploy to try and increase revenue and resolve some of the issues talked about in our previous blog entry? Read Here.

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