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70s Sounding Soul/Pop Needed for the Sync Portal!

8 August 2017 ยท By Jack Skates

We have got a brief in from one of our clients looking for 70s Style Pop with elements of Soul, similar to the work of Linda Lewis. This is brief is just one example of the many we serve using the Sync Portal. The kind of track we are looking for should have female vocals, with a prominent bass line and laid back vibe. Check out these tracks below for a better idea of the kind of submissions we are looking for:


If you feel you have the perfect track for this in your catalogue then now is a better time than ever to sign up to the Sync Portal! If you haven’t heard about the Sync Portal already, you can read more about it here. Once you are clued up on what the Portal is all about, go ahead and read through the agreement, signup and upload your Soul tracks for us to review!


If you are already in the Sync Portal you may be thinking: “This sounds exactly like my style of tracks, why haven’t mine been considered already?” When it comes to the Sync Portal we filter and search by the Metadata you have entered with the track, so PLEASE make sure that your metadata is up to date, accurate and true to what the track is.


Once you have signed up to the Sync Portal and have uploaded your tracks or edited your metadata, send an email over to Christo at letting him know what tracks you have uploaded so he can go through and accept them!  

We look forward to hearing what you have for us!

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