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Writing to Picture: Making the Talkies Sing

20 February 2013 ·
By Nick Pike - Music Gateway

Writing for film and television is arguably one of the more prestigious jobs a musician can have bar being a global popstar. Composers have an instant glamour about them as you not only have to be able to consistently write good music (pop artists can get away with duff singles) but also be able to organise, produce and synchronise it, in a suitable fashion, with visual media.This is a subject that could (and has) had hundreds of books written about it that are nearly entirely subjective. This overview article will shine a light on the thought process behind the music, I’ll be following this with more specific articles that, together, will give greater insight into the inner workings of this area of the industry.Like all things artistic, writing to picture is relatively personal to the individual composer but there are a variety of useful guidelines to follow which can make the sonic universe of your film production effective and interesting.

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We Review Mintpig's Services for the Music Industry

19 February 2013 ·
By Michael McParland - Music Gateway

Among the many strings to Mintpig’s bow is its branding department. The Mintpig branding team focus primarily on providing companies with that all important image and brand profile. Indeed, a brand image can be the difference between a thriving company and a mere blotch on the business landscape. With customers spoilt for choice on the internet, it is crucial for companies to catch the eye of potential clients as they surf past hundreds and hundreds of different sites. As many companies are at a loss when it comes to accurately describing their ethos, the branding slice of Mintpig’s pie takes the thoughts of companies and turns them into a strategic and alluring brand profile.

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