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Resume firing in 3... 2... 1...

1 December 2012 ·
By Stephen Powell - Music Gateway

As a music writer, dj, sound engineer or any other creative role in music, when was the last time you handed someone your résumé? Almost certainly if you had a job with a company it would have been a sure thing, but for anything that relates to freelancing the classic CV is pretty much useless. So what do we have instead to find our next contract? The big one of course is word of mouth, and for anyone that is starting out I'll give you a heads up, increasing the list of people you've done good work for is the biggest clincher of regular work there is.

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Roy Davis Jr meets Music Gateway

1 December 2012 ·
By Jon Skinner - Managing Director - Music Gateway

I was really pleased and humbled to meet one of house music's classic producers from Chicago Roy Davis Jr, joined by personal friend and DJ Rob Ackeson. Sinking a few beers we discussed the music industry and all the good times from the late eighties through the 90's and beyond. I didn't realise Roy worked at Strictly Rhythm back int he day and was responsible for one of Strictly's biggest underground classics uner the name The Believers, a track called 'Who dares to believe in me' of voice on the record is Roy myself pitched down into a deep haunting sound.

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Five ways for a small band to get noticed!

27 November 2012 ·
By David Wells - Music Gateway

Five ways for a small band to get noticedTelevision shows like The X Factor might have given us unrealistic expectations about what it takes to be famous. You might be tempted to assume that music career jobs are a well-defined four-step process. One, tell a sad story; two, belt out a couple of tunes; three, receive the backing of Simon Cowell’s millions; four, live happily ever after.

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