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We are all A&R people, Face the fact!

9 January 2013 ·
By Jon Skinner - Managing Director - Music Gateway

In this article I am going to explain my opinion that regardless of whether you like it or not, we all are A & R people to a massive degree. When I refer to all, I mean anyone working in the music industry who is a creative person. By creative person, I mean creative by influencing others in a creative manor, or creative in actually making music by yourself or with other people.Let me start of by saying you should ignore the official terminology for A&R and focus on what the role does and what an A&R person should do. The role does depend on the type of person you are, your goals in the role and whether the person is an independent consultant or works for a company.What is an A&R role and what are they responsible for?

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Gramophonedzie joins Music Gateway as Competition Judge!

8 January 2013 ·
By Jon Skinner - Managing Director Music Gateway

Music Gateway is proud to announce that MTV Europe Music Awards winner Marko Milićević,better known as Gramophonedzie, will be a judge for our REMIX competition. He is also providing something special for one of our other competitions... But you’ll have to wait for that exclusive announcement over the coming weeks. More news on all our competitions will be announced soon at

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Joyshop - iTunes Supports Indie Band's New Album

8 January 2013 ·
By Music Gateway

Hailing from Bristol (UK), Joyshop are based on the vocal duo of Tom McNeill and Beth Winter who met at university in 2006. Starting by playing small gigs in Clifton, Tom and Beth finished their first year of university by sitting pretty irrelevant exams alongside recording a 16-track demo in the dimly lit G-Corridor of Clifton Hill House. It was the start of something musical.

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