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How Your Personality Relates To Your Music Choice

12 December 2016 By Sam Brinson

How much can you tell about a person by looking through their music collection? Music is a choice, and every choice we make subtly relates to our personality. The clothes you wear, the food you eat, and the words you use are all linked to your unique traits and characteristics. So it’s not hard to see why you might be able to glean a lot of information from someones playlist.

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The Dotted Line to Disappointment

7 December 2016 By James Kirby - Music Gateway

... A first hand account of the industries con-artists. James Kirby's experience of a record label con:Ok so... Let's set the scene.You've spent x amount of years times y amount of effort minus z amount of money. You enjoy what you do, are proud of what you've done and you want to start seeing a return from your well spent time. This was me. I had done the open mic nights and the paid music scene. I'd played in the UK and Toronto and I had a great producer. Well, after four years of hard work I thought I had a pretty good start... And one day, after an interesting email it seemed someone else did too. The fact of the matter is that these days the internet has made the music business easy but also incredibly hard. You just log onto a music site, press a button and BAM! A whole selection of unsigned artists doing what they do is spread out before you. A couple of emails later and you've got yourself a music deal. You get invited to a meeting at an office building with a guy in a suit who

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