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Music Gateway Meets: New Spell

19 July 2017 · Interviews
By Ella Joy

New Spell caught my eye about a month ago when they appeared in a playlist that I was going through. Their music really stood out to me. Their strong atmosphere, production techniques and creativity within their videography are really gorgeous and well executed. I knew I had to get in touch with them to get an insight in to them as musicians. I spoke to Leanne Kelly who makes up half of the band. Here’s what she had to say!

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Catching Up at the Sync Drinks Boat Party

13 July 2017 · Spotlight
By Music Gateway

After a stubborn grey morning, the sun decided to put it’s hat back on yesterday evening in London as a host of supervisors, publishers, producers and other wonderful creatives got together to celebrate their tribulations, reunite with old faces and discover the new at the Sync Drinks notorious gathering. Duncan and Corrine always to a stellar job of making sure it's something to remember for everyone involved and this year we took to the Thames for a boat party.

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Are you a Hipster or a Hater?

13 July 2017 · Case Studies
By Will Thomson

The Doc Martin wearing, pot smoking teens and twenty somethings who've popularized trendy coffee shops and vegan cafe's are surely this decades answer to the hippy movement of the 1960's. A counter-culture trend that stands against the capitalist values of today- but does it sometimes reject the music industries biggest stars for an unjust cause? Sound like a hot topic? It is. Read this and get opinionated!

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