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Your company/professional profile acts as your portfolio when pitching and project managing. You can present your latest and greatest work including a biography, music, videos and images just as you would in a normal portfolio.

Unique Tagging System

Your portfolio also allows you to select skill and services tags to make sure we can notify you of relevant opportunities and you don’t miss out on any projects that go on through the marketplace platform.

Getting Connected


Projects are the only way to connect through the platform. Whenever you have a need for a professional or service in the industry, you can create a project specifying the work in hand and other members can do the same. The project’s have tags just like the portfolios so that we can notify relevant members of the project opportunity in case they want to pitch.

Seen a project you like? Pitch to it!

It’s that simple, If another member posts a project that you’d like work on or submit to then you can pitch to the project to approach them about working together. The project owner can read your submission, listen to any relevant files on your portfolio and get in touch with you if they’re interested in your pitch. It also means you can ask any further questions about the project and communicate before agreeing to work together.

Working After Connecting


Each project has a unique Workspace area where the project owner and project worker can communicate, share files, give feedback and make secure payments once they've agreed to work with each other.

The Workspace is perfect for;

Timeline Audio Feedback

Global and Individual Messaging

Share all Audio File Formats

Secure File & Payment System


Pitching tool for Sync and A&R

Collate your music from a completed project on Music Gateway or your existing catalogue and send it off to A&R Pros and Sync Placement briefs.

Streamline the way you present your music

With all the music you choose being easily accessible in one central place with metadata included.

Brand your Playlist

Whether you want to represent your brand or place a logo of the film / company you’re submitting sync to you can brand your playlist to attract the attention of the receiver.

Password Protected

Choose who has exclusive access to your playlist(s).

Amendable Download Options

Choose what file type people are able to download, that’s if you want them to be able to download at all - the power’s in your hands.

Create your own CRM Database

Send your playlists straight from Music Gateway or you can simply copy and paste the URL, it’s up to you.