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Place your music with established artists worldwide

Pitch your music to hundreds of briefs from top record labels.

"We really love Music Gateway and the service they gave us. We love the fast and easy process, plus they always had our best interest at heart.

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Secure cuts with chart topping artists

We service a range of labels to put forward the best songs from our members directly into the hands of the decision makers. Whether you’re established pro or the new writer on the block we will put your music forward to a global clientbase of labels.

Pitch your demos at the time the artists need them the most, increasing your chance of successful placements
Be notified of briefs from companies and artists across the globe
We create a level playing field for all content providers – the only thing that matters is the quality and relevance of your music
Increase the briefs you're receiving
Remote working tools to allow you and the buyers an easy work environment, wherever you are
Further expand your client list and portfolio

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