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What We Do

We work hand in hand with some of the best Music Supervisors across the UK, Europe, and the USA to source music from our massive community of rights holders.

We lighten the load when it comes to search, clearance, and providing tools that generally make their lives easier and in turn make the licensing process a breeze.

One-Stop Licensing

License music from our Indie Music Library from thousands and thousands of our best members around the world

On-Spec Custom Compositions

Grammy award winning composers available and ready to write your perfect score

Save you time

We're continuously building hi-tech tools to solve common issues faced by modern day Supervisors

Search Niche Music Worldwide

Our massive community and cutting edge tech allows us to find unique music from every corner of the world

Source Modern Covers for Legacy Songs

Tap into a wealth of creatives to find existing covers, or comission new ones

Meet Standards set by the Guild of Music Supervisors

We're meticulous when it comes to metadata, and pitching, and pretty much everything

Your Service, your way

So how can supervisors engage with us?

Easy, just treat us like any other rights holder that you go to for music.

What's the difference?

We represent a global community of Publishers, Labels, Libraries, and independent artists, bands, and songwriters. Meaning we have almost every type of music imaginable, from every corner of the world, and from every era.

Our tech allows us to quickly find a selection of the best hand picked music from our members, and pop over a playlist in no time.

Some Rights Holders We Represent


Cover songs use the power of familiar legacy songs, but are often done with a new, refreshing twist.

This has been one of the reasons they remain popular in the sync world to this day.

Here at Music Gateway we see the value of cover songs, and work closely with our community of creatives to help source beautiful alternative cover songs for any track at your request.

Want a cover? Get in touch with the information below:

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Everything starts with a conversation on a personal level, communication is key to us meeting our clients needs.

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