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Communication is paramount

The value of everyone being on the same page is priceless

Timeline feedback on audio and video means you're never lost searching for emails, and your team is always in the know.

Being Organised has never been easier

Manage Audio, Video and media files the way you want

Seamlessly move from projects to playlists to growing the business.

Centralizing the way our music is curated and managed along the production process brings us significant organizational efficiency. It also allows redirect valuable resource back to serving our clients. Through the use of Music Gateway’s solution there is clearer communication and greater collaboration across the management teams.

Gary Gross

Worldwide President of UPPM

I have seen every innovation in the supervision business over the last 10 years and MG is the standout. No other platform offers the range and depth of function. No other tech has the same potential to change how our business works; by making things easier, removing frictions and increasing connections between creators, owners and users of music.

Daniel Jackson

Cord WW

Manaing the wealth of exceptional briefs that come through from our sub publishers isn't an easy task. With a dedicated network like this, the stress and frustration is not an issue any more. I've been waiting for a professional A&R system like this for years, I'm so glad it's now a reality - and more to the point, I've got one.

John Saunderson

Notting Hill Music

Efficiency translates to growth

Why spend hours doing things that could take minutes?

Just imagine what you could do with all that extra time and resource.

Keep a finger on the pulse wherever you are

Mobile friendly design means you can keep an eye on progress from wherever you are.

Cutting edge industry tools, built for modern day creative teams

Save time, redirect freed-up resource, grow the business

Custom built network. Flexible to suit your workflow

All in the box. Centralising your workflow in one place. Simple

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