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Before Music Gateway, we used our myACM portal before but staff were only allowed to add projects. It was a very basic platform that was better than nothing!

The main issue with our previous platform was that students couldn't post themselves so we would have to spend quite a bit of time publishing their projects as well as internal and external ads. We also lost contact with our alumni as you'd have to have an ACM email and some of them had expired.



There have been many beneficial changes with the Music Gateway network. First of all the students and alumni can post and manage their own projects and communicated really easily on the network. Secondly, it has enabled us to have alumni getting involved with the network, posting their projects and pitching for others.Thirdly, the public network. Students and alumni can pitch to the global network which gives them access to 1,000's of paid opportunities.

I have no idea exactly how much time has been saved, but quite a lot. It's really allowed us to focus on new jobs and dedicate our extra time to events, social media, administration and career development.

The communication with students has grown through content. For example they can set up a band themselves without direct help from us but then they'll ask about gigs and recording. So it's definitely helped cancel out some of the more basic steps and allowed them to find exactly what they want on their own.

It's also really helped students collaborate across different schools and disciplines more this year than ever before. The tagging system works really well, someone who is studying one course but can play a different instrument can be involved in a number of ways. We find some music students can be quite nervous and shy talking to others and the network has increased their confidence in finding collaborations and allowed them to take that next step in networking.

Everything said, the Music Gateway team have a great customer service team and the response rate is brilliant! If there's ever an issue or a student needs something, the team are on it and take them through the process to fix it. I would definitely recommend Music Gateway to other colleges and universities.

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