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At C21FX we used various tools to curate, produce and promote our music and sound design albums. Source Audio for our front end, Wire-drive, Dropbox, etc for file sharing, storage, demo submissions, Soundcloud for promotion and A&R, and email for basic communication and feedback. We were missing a tool to streamline these processes and optimize everyone's time and efforts, we wanted to focus more on the creative.



Our collaborating composers are key to C21FX's success, and some of them live abroad. Being able to communicate and streamline the creative process with them was key for us. The creation of our latest album ‘Conexus' is proof that the Private Network is a tool that I can really exploit. From demo submissions, to mastered approvals, to album cover design and other pertinent communication, the network allowed us to focus, maximize our time and ease our collaborative efforts. Music Gateway's user interface is so clean & intuitive, I became familiar with the system very easily.

The Conexus album was a collaboration between our composers Mythix (Australia) & Hybrid Chronicles (France). Having all our composers deliver files, receive feedback on the actual waveform, and share ideas on one place, made the creation of this album a breeze. The communication was slick, & being able to track progress of new versions & feedback between everyone simplified the process, meaning we could spend extra time on marketing & pitching.

I'm really happy to have a bird's eye view of everything happening within the company at any given time, having that transparency has allowed us to really focus on where we need to put our energy in order to achieve more and more.

I look at Music Gateway, and it gives me a bit of a vibe, it has serious potential. I'm really excited to be an early adopter of this platform and grow alongside them.

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