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Like many libraries we had been using a combination of spreadsheets, emails, dropbox and a patchwork of separate services to organise ourselves & our projects. Whilst these processes were working to a degree, our infrastructure was limiting us, stopping us from breaking through those glass ceilings that would take the company to new levels.



When I first saw the Private Network tool, I could immediately see how this would streamline our process, and give us back the time and resource that would help us break those barriers, and grow to new heights. Soon after we were using it, I started seeing things fall into place.

The workspace area within each project has really helped centralise our producers communication and organisation when curating music for new library albums. Little things like the ability to stream submissions, and the fact that we can rate tracks out of 5 stars, and order them by rating, hide or shortlist them, these are all things which come together to save us valuable time which we can use to speak with clients, & grow the business.

It's very accessible, and has allowed me to follow projects wherever i am. Recently I was at a conference, but I'm able to go into the Network from my mobile and see the latest updates on each project, I love that I can do that.

After using the Private Network, our workflow is much more efficient, having everything in one place is just so much easier.

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