Joined 20th May 2013

Creative Skills
Audio Editing Bass Player Drummer Mixing Music Reading Percussion +2
Music Genres
Dance Electronica Folk Funk Pop Rock +3

Luke Bower - It's Bliss


Raphaella Aristocleous - Songbird


Reign - Confidence In Love


Layla Ley - Too Late


Annalise Morley - Butterfly


Abi May-Woodman - Thankyou


I have recently completed the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music at The BRIT School - one of the most competitive institutions to gain a place at in the UK for Music. I am currently looking for a position with a recognised organisation within the music industry. As a dedicated musician and an able mathematician, I pride myself in my logical and analytical approach to work and projects.

I have been learning drums for seven years and have also taught myself to play a range of other instruments including, guitar, bass, keyboards and ukulele. I have performed many times at various venues, from intimate solos to large ensemble performances to the pit band for musical theatre shows.

I am currently playing in the backing band for both ex-BRIT School students Alex Burey and Jacob Allen, currently performing in venues across London.

On top of performing music I also enjoy composing and recording using Logic, Sibelius and Pro Tools. In the past few years I have developed a keen understanding of music technology and production techniques. I have used the recording studio and computer suite at The BRIT School to teach myself recording, sequencing, mixing and mastering.