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Music Video Project

Project Description

Hello Videographers,

I will keep this short and sweet.

I have made a few songs and i am ready to release some videos to these.

I am a new artist who is finally ready to come out and make my impact in this industry.

I simply want someone who i can constantly work and grow with. I plan not only to film my videos but it will get to the point of documenting my life in general through this process.

This is terms only for now and we can reach an agreement for when these videos have gotten to the right channels for you to get your cut. This is a future investment.

I plan for these songs to win awards such as BEST NEW ARTIST - BEST NEW VIDEO etc...

The songs i will be shooting to will not go online until the videos are ready and then they will get radio circulation. I want to do things the proper way. For now... enjoy the old material i have

Please if you have ambitions that go beyond what others understand, contact me. i want to shoot cool videos. I have access to models and fashion to bring my visions to life.

I have a lot of new songs... I want them all out and i want to work hard doing so. Lets have fun

I look forward to creating great material with you.

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