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Pitching new opportunities

Get your Pitch noticed

How can you ensure your pitch is noticed?

Pitching Overview

With an ever increasing user base you may be up against a bit of competition. So how can you get your pitch noticed above the rest? Well project owners see Pro member pitches first. This gives Pro members a distinct advantage when pitching on popular projects and a greater chance of securing the work or being accepted to submit songs to a licensing opportunity. Certain project owners may be short of time and tend to look at their Pro members pitches first to make a quick decision, so make sure you are first in that list.

Communication / Messaging

How should you use the messaging system and how these messages be used to protect your interests?

Communication / Messaging

You can message the project owner at any time, it’s essentially a chat box. This allows you to ask any questions you may have for them. You can refer to these messages at any time to go over any deals you may have discussed.

Added Security

How can your messages be used in the unlikely event of a dispute?

Added security

By keeping all messages within our system a layer of security is created as in the unlikely event of a dispute these messages can be used in your defense, therefore we advise keeping all messages within our system to have maximum security.

My Pitch has been accepted, what now?

What happens once your pitch has been accepted?

My pitch has been accepted, what now?

Before being beginning work on the project you should first make sure you’re happy to agree with the terms/payment on offer before accepting. Once happy you can proceed to counter-accepting the work offer. Also, to begin work on the project you must pay the commission upfront to become a worker, this shows your commitment to the job to the project owner. You'll then receive full payment on completion of your work.